About Us

  Guangzhou LXQ Building Material Co.,Ltd ,who started in 2000 and specialized in manufactures,exports and services the following production :
  ①.HPL Partition Series
  Toilet Partition, Locker, Compact Grade Laminate
  ②.Wall-cladding series
  ③.High partition series
  Single system,Double system,CNC system;
  ④.Smart Partition series (smart glass/pdlc glass/transparent glass)
  With our standard management of Non-mistake, High-efficiency ,we are becoming to top 10 brand in competitive building trades.Since 2000, we have been lunched Five kinds of Partition-series to satisfy friend'needs:
  Teams of Professional man, who have been integrating Chinese traditional aesthetics and Western culture in building trades.Great importance to us that High-quality raw materials,Strictly quality control, Exquisite processing technology have been affirmed by the enterprise.

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